Are you tired of being eaten alive by mosquitos?

There are several tricks to help keep your mosquitos down...

  • Don't over water your lawn.  Too much watering creates damp wet spots which are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos.
  • Remove debris around your property
    • Old tires, tarps, and anything that can collect water
  • Tip over kids pools when not in use, pick up any toys laying around that standing water can collect on
  • Make sure your rain gutter downspouts are clean


Our mosquito barrier treatments will help protect you from mosqutio bites.  One of our licensed technicians will use a specialty backpack sprayer to treat your trees and shrubs around your yard.  The treatment kills mosquitos on contact and also has a residual for a couple of more weeks to keep the pest out of your yard.  Give us a call so we can help you enjoy your yard this summer!